Trends In Food Festival Ticketing Software

Food Festival Ticketing Software

The announcement of an upcoming foodie event contains an interesting bit of information relating to food festival ticketing software. The tickets are being sold in units of "tastes" for food and drink. Here's a quick look...

$25 for 4 food tastes and 2 drink tastes

Everyone is familiar with units of measurement like "meter" and "gallon." And venue owners know a ticket can be assigned "general admission" for one person. But have you ever heard of a ticket being good for a "taste" - as in "$25 for 4 food tastes and 2 drink tastes?" That was the unit of measurement used at a food festival in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Spoken aloud, the "tastes" unit of measure doesn't exactly roll off the tongue ( pun intended :D ), but there is some smart thinking behind the quantity count. As described by Gothamist, the recent 4th annual Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint food festival had an impressive lineup of participating food vendors.

A whole bunch of North Brooklyn heavy hitters will be serving up grub at East River State Park, including BrisketTown, the Brooklyn Star, DuMont Burger, Rosamunde Sausage Grill, Pies ‘n’ Thighs and the Meatball Shop, along with alcohol from the likes of Spike Hill, Brooklyn Winery and Fat will set you back $25 for 4 food tastes and 2 drink tastes, and $45 for 8 food tastes and 4 drink tastes.

Disneyland eTicket The Williamsburg food festival tickets are sold in "tastes," and purchased in blocks, for both food and drinks. As counterintuitive as selling drink tickets as "tastes" (rather than "drinks") may sound, it reduces the commitment level of the patrons and thus encouraging additional purchases. The trendy citizens of Williamsburg can choose to buy the smaller (and less expensive) package of tastes, and see how it goes, then buy another if needed. In addition to the minimal commitment, using a "taste" unit of measurement for both food and drinks simplifies the transaction online and at the event ticket office.

You may be old enough to remember when Disneyland sold packets of tickets for the amusement rides that were graded by "thrill" level in alphabetical order. The burden of complex decision making imposed on guests was eventually abandoned for simple passes measured in days. Taste of Williamsburg is keeping ticket choices simple while at the same time profitable. Using the two ticket packages finds the right balance between "all you can eat" and the (potentially less profitable) system of one ticket per experience.

ThunderTix Food Festival Ticketing Software

Whether your food festival is a general admission all-you-can-eat affair, or you are using "tastes" as a unit of measurement, you'll need ticketing software that can be customized for either...

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