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Sell Rodeo Tickets Online

Should you sell rodeo tickets online ...or not?

With the Age of the Internet well underway, it is a foregone conclusion you should sell rodeo tickets online…or is it? Two big rodeos in Oklahoma and Oregon are selling tickets the old fashion way, but that may not be the best way to serve the needs of the buyers. Find out if time honored traditions for…
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music festival ticketing software

The Business of Fun: Spring Break Music Festivals Euphoria Music Festival 2012 recap video As the Ultra Music Festival winds down, excitement for the Euphoria Music Festival begins to build. The connection between college Spring Break and high profile music festivals has a long (and profitable) history. This edition of the Business of Fun looks at Spring Break music festivals and lists the key components of for…
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Festival Tickets

Festival tickets: Lessons learned

Not every festival is a triumph. What is important is that you apply the lessons learned from less than stellar results to future events. This edition of ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at beer festival gate efficiency issues, past and present – something any festival operator can learn from. Plus, some best practices for using barcode…
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arts festival ticketing software

Most sustainable arts festival business model?

A new report indicates that the size of an arts festival is closely related to long-term sustainability as a business. Yet an arts festival in Louisiana is bigger than ever and thriving. Is now the time to adjust the scope and scale of your arts festival? Arts festival data The latest entry in the The Guardian’s ‘Culture Professionals’ series, begins with the provocative question…
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BYOB policy boost ticket sales

How a BYOB policy can increase ticket sales

To BYOB or not to BYOB, that is the question! Food and drink concessions are a very important part of any event, but there is a larger strategy to consider. This edition at ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at how a smart BYOB policy allowing festival goers to bring their own food and drink, within limits, can increase tickets…
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festival profitability

Cashing in (and out) - A look at festival profitability

How profitable can a festival be? This edition of ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at two strategies. One festival is cashing in on the lucrative niche it has carved out for itself, the other is cashing out by accepting a buy out offer from a major corporation. Cashing In In the Business Beat section of the Santa Barbara View,…
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alpha psi rodeo tickets

Selling Alpha Psi Rodeo Tickets In (Little More Than) '8 Seconds'

The classic rodeo film ‘8 seconds’ gets its name from the length of time a cowboy has to stay on the animal for the ride to qualify. It takes more than eight seconds to sell all of the Alpha Psi Rodeo tickets, but not by much since it is one of the most popular events on…
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festival ticketing software

Festival Ticket Sales Strategies - The Business of Fun

“The business of festivals, and event planning in general, can be a very rushed and stressful endeavor.” That stoic quote may echo the feelings of many festival planners no matter the size of the event. There are different ways to operate festivals in order to increase attendance – one being to operate under an umbrella,…
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Designated driver festival tickets

Sell beer festival wristbands for designated drivers

With the winter brewfest season in full swing, it is encouraging to see venues sell beer festival wristbands for designated drivers at a reduced price. Offering low cost admission to designated drivers is not only admirable, it sends an important message to the patrons and local authorities. If your beer festival needs to sell designated driver wristbands here is…
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crowd funding festival

Crowd Funding Festivals: The Ultimate Ticket Up-Sell?

Festivals are very unique business use cases within the event industry. We look at an unusual alternative for financing production costs – Crowd funding. This new way of thinking about raising capital is directly applicable to all festivals of any size. Why do we blog this? As a leading provider of ticketing software for venues and…
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