Big Software Update – October 2013

event ticketing software update

There are software updates and then there are SOFTWARE UPDATES - this is the latter. We’re excited to announce a major software update...

A more visual interface

event ticketing color update

Today's software update builds upon the visual metaphors ThunderTix customers are familiar with, then moves the needle forward even further, with the goal being to get more done in less time.

If you use Google Calendar, Windows Calendar or Apple iCal, the new ThunderTix Calendar View will be familiar. Long lists of information still have an important place in day-to-day business operations, but the new Calendar View presents information in a way that acknowledges humans are visual creatures. The new ThunderTix Calendar View reduces much of the manual configuration previously needed.

A few highlights of the new Calendar View visual interface include:

Assign a color to each event

Known as color mnemonics, the Calendar View let’s you assign different colors to different events making the at-a-glance utility much more effective. After setting an event color in the new Calendar View you can easily change it later or turn it off entirely. Have a very special event you need to keep an eye on? Assign it a bright red, high priority color.

Tickets by remaining capacity
ThunderTix has always considered box office productivity to be very important. So, we have added a fast way to view the remaining capacity of any event and then one-click jump to making a sale - just one of the many new shortcut tools included in this software update. It is important to note that the Calendar View of events is complementary to, and not a replacement for, the way you have become accustomed to using ThunderTix as a Point of Sale system.

View events by month, week, day

Color coded events and the new emphasis on “at a glance” means you need an equally efficient way to navigate through the new Calendar View. By default, the Calendar View for events and reports shows one month’s worth of events at a time. Jumping forward (or back) in time is easy to do with the multiple, dedicated navigation buttons. Using the new navigation buttons, you can define the on-screen display to your liking. Tailor your information to be week-by-week or day-by-day, great for the busy sightseeing company with tours every hour on the hour!

What else is new in today's big software update?

Well, a lot actually! Here's just a few...

Customer auto-fill

Ticket buyer data stored in the customer database is now easier to retrieve for repeat orders. When processing an order, the ThunderTix look-up tool will automatically find a customer by last name and/or email address as you type. Matching customers will appear in a drop-down list where you have the option to select one then auto-fill the remainder of the empty fields including the billing address.

Add a gateway seal
ThunderTix customers using BeanStream and PayPal gateways can now add a secure seal for display on your checkout page. Give your ticket buyers an added level of confidence by displaying your Verified Merchant status.

Improved ticket package creation
Creating Defined Packages is now much easier! All events are assigned to the defined package without requiring a page refresh between selections.

Seating charts
Large reserved seating sections with multiple rows now load faster than ever. Additionally, the seat hover information is now more attractive and works in the wonderful Internet Explorer version 10 (IE10) browser.

Generating tickets prompts
PDF tickets and thermal tickets now display "generating tickets" until the tickets are created. Once they are available, the buttons to print tickets will appear - no more refreshing the screen!

Print tickets button
The email receipt for orders now has a large Print Tickets button making it easy for iPhone and Android ticket buyers to see.

Improved hover
All hover displays within ThunderTix - both as an administrator and as a ticket buyer - have been improved. The hover now displays in a better location in relation to the text it appears above.

Support Resources for ThunderTix Customers

What would today's big software update be without ThunderTix's renowned customer support. Current ThunderTix customers have a wealth of support resources available should there be any questions about today software update.

As always, the ThunderTix support forum is the place to get answers to your questions (or ask one of your own) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another great way to get a quick response to brief questions is to ask us through our Twitter and Facebook support channels.

Of course our beloved customers are welcome to write us with any questions that are unique to their business circumstances.

We're super excited about this software update - let us know what you think!

Image source: Flickr