Mailing List Opt In Email

Mailing List Opt In Email

Let's Give Thanks for More System Improvements!

Thanksgiving System Updates We compile the "little" requests or suggestions you make and then roll them up into releases like this one. Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have the following improvements for you to feast on.

Mailing List - Opt In or Opt Out Email

For all new purchases, a new "Opt In" checkbox allows customers to choose whether they are included in future mailings. (For Box Office purchases, the box is unchecked by default.) From the Orders tab, the selection is displayed in the Excel Export for that event. For repeat customers, the latest choice will be saved in the Customers tab and available both on screen and via the Excel export. The new Customer edit feature will allow changes to the Opt In status.

Add Administrative Notes to an Order

Box Office users may now add a note to an existing ticket order. View any order, and you'll see an "Add Note" icon. The icon will be replaced with the actual note when one is submitted. The note will display the date/time it was added as well as the box office staff member that posted it.

Donations in Daily Sales Reports

You can now see collected donations through the daily sales report export in addition to the standard reports listings. Go to Reports --> Daily Sales Report.

Hide Shipping Address on Checkout

For those venues that do not use regular mail to deliver tickets, you may optionally exclude the address fields from the checkout page. Click on My Account, click the edit icon next to your Venue name, then check the "Hide Shipping Address Fields" box. The shipping fields will no longer display to your patrons when they are on the final checkout screen. This applies to ALL events.

Show Reason for Refund

Prior to this update, refund reasons were only displayed when money was refunded. Now, all refund reasons are displayed on each order summary.

Edit Customer Information

You can now edit customer information including regular and email addresses by clicking on the 'Edit' link from any record in the Customers tab.

User Drop Down Selection

The search functionality for Orders and Commissions will now display users alphabetically within the drop down. Inactive users are removed from the list to help reduce lengthy scrolling for some venues.