Customizable Coupon Text

Customizable Coupon Text

Customizable Coupon Text Now Available!

Recently, a customer made the following request:

"It would be much better for us to be able to type our own language into the coupon box. If it were available, I would type into the box “Member Discount Code” (appearing in that magic gray vanishing text) and that would clarify things and also do away with language I have now had to create and add to our iframe to explain to people what they need to do."

ThunderTix has now made it possible to choose text that best fits your coupon needs!

In your Account Settings under optional field, click on the Checkout tab to customize the wording you prefer to see on the checkout page where customers enter a coupon code (if applicable). The default text will now say "Enter Coupon code", but you can customize it to reflect your events. You might say, "Enter School ID" or "Enter Membership Number".

Below where it says "customizable coupon text" is where you will be able to enter your own wording: