Products: A How-To Guide

About the Products Page

Creating products is an extremely useful tool allowing customers to purchase any of the products listed at the same time as they buy their tickets for your events. The products page is where you can create products and view how they are selling. The Products page has two primary areas, they are:

Product Creation

Create a new product

Before reaping the lucrative rewards of selling products with tickets, you'll need to create them. If you have already created events or coupons, the task of creating a new product will be familiar.

In this area you can:

  • Create new product for sale during the ticket purchase process, with or without sales tax.

View and Edit Products
View and Edit Products

Once you have created one or more products, you may have the need to edit their attributes or you may wish to review how each product is selling.

In this area you can:

  • View a product's name, description, price, tax applicability, availability, visibility, uploaded picture, assigned event(s), and categories.
  • Edit a product's name, description, price, tax requirement, availability status, visibility, picture, event assignment, and categories.
  • View the product's order history by clicking on the eye icon, and revision history by clicking on the revision icon.

As always, we offer a wealth of information about the software on our Support forum. You can read the questions other users have asked in the past, or if need be, ask a new question of your own. Visit our support forum here.

Creating New Products

Listed below are the basic steps you need to take to create a product that will be displayed to all customers during any ticket purchase. If you would like to find out more information about advanced steps you can take when creating a product, continue reading past the steps.

1. While signed into your ThunderTix account, hover over "Listings" in the black navigation bar at the top of the screen and scroll down the drop down menu to click on "Products".

2. Click on the "Create Product" text.

Create Products

3. Type in the name of the product to be shown to your buyers in the Name input box.

Name the product

4. Type in a brief descriptive text in the input box located beneath the name box ("Unisex cotton shirt with artist logo.").

5. Upload a product picture by clicking on the browse button and selecting a JPEG file from your computer.

6. Type in a per-item price in dollars and cents in the Price input box.

7. Check the Apply Sales Tax box if you would like to apply sales tax.

8. Keep the Active box checked if you would like the product to be available immediately for purchase.

9. Select Public if you would like your merchandise to be available for public sale, or select Private if you would like to sell your merchandise in-house only.

10. When complete, click the blue "Submit" button.

Congratulations, you have just created your first product!

Advanced Product Options

As shown above, there are only 10 basic steps to product creation. Once you've completed these steps, your customers will have the option to purchase that product anytime they are purchasing tickets to one of your events.

If you want to make it so your customers only buy certain products when buying tickets to certain events, you must complete the advanced options section of product creation. Additionally, if you are trying to sell products that have sizes or colors (T-Shirts, Jackets, and etc.), you must also complete the advanced section. To accomplish either of these, you need to:

1.Click on the "+ Advanced Product Options" text while creating a product.

2. In the category name box, type the category of what the customer will be choosing (ex: Size).

3. In the category drop-down options, type in one category option per line (ex: Small).
Add a category to your product

4. Click the "+Add Another Category" text if you would like to add another. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

color category

5. Uncheck the "Make this product available for all events" checkbox.

6. Check/Uncheck your specific event boxes depending on which events you want to be selling this product for.
Select a specific event

7. Click Submit when you're finished.

Once you have created your products with all their categories, customers, when they are buying their tickets, will see this:

Purchasing Process

You can also allow your customers to buy products when they are not purchasing tickets. To do this, you must:

1. Be on the products page.

Revenue Builders tab Products

2. Check the box next to the text, "Allow Products to be sold without tickets", located at the top of the page.

products without tickets

Products Information

Pricing for products is entirely up to you and it is best not to undercut or mismatch your other promotional item distributed through coupons. Offering an item in a survey? Great, it is not necessary to offer the same item again as a product. Letting patrons redeem a gift at the door using a ThunderTix coupon? Awesome! Also no need to active a product for that same gift during the purchase process.

Note that an aspect of creating a new product includes three important options. One option is activation, very important if you have created multiple products. The second option is to apply the product to All Events, or to Select Events. The third option is tax, which will be calculated and applied at the end of the ticket purchase process. However if you apply tax to ticket purchases, it is safe to assume you'll need to do the same for products. Of course taxation laws vary from state to state and your unique circumstances dictate how products sold with tickets are taxed. If you only want one product made available for purchase, but you have built three, you can use the activation check box to toggle items on and off.

Viewing and Editing Products

As soon as you have created one or more products you can go back, view, and edit their descriptions, price, and more. To edit a product from the Products page, simply click on any of the colored text or icons to edit the information immediately.

If you create a new event that you want to specifically add to a certain product, click on the "Yes" or "No" text and add it by checking its box and hitting Update. You can also check the appropriate box to make the product available to all future events if necessary.

By clicking on the sales report icon, we can view the detailed record of order history for the specific product.

Extra details column
Lastly, If you have any inactive merchandise, you can access them by clicking on the "Show Inactive Products" text. From this page, you can edit the visibility status to make the item active once again.

Show inactive products

Orders Associated with a Product

As mentioned above, clicking on the sales report icon, you can view the detailed record of order history for the specific product. This report includes the order ID, customer name, shipping address, price, quantity, and total order amount for all purchases made for your specific product. After clicking the icon, a new page will load presenting the product's order history if at least one item has been purchased.

To view more specific order information, you just need to click on the order ID. A new browser window will open taking you to the order detail page in the Orders area of your account. Keeping product sales dollar amounts separate in the Products area helps you prioritize ticket sales over product sales. If you would like a more detailed report for your products, we offer many different types of reports which you can learn more about by watching our Reports video and you can learn more about Order IDs from our Orders tutorial video.

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