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mega ticket fees

Mega Ticket Fees

Fee Free Friday is not just big, it’s MEGA, man! This week’s round-up of the controversy surrounding ticket fees includes… MEGAdeth waiving fees. MEGA nightclubs under new scrutiny. A list of venues that offer MEGA value to the ticket buyer. And new concerns about MEGA fees on “MEGA tickets.” All that and MEGA woes in the…
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Per Ticket Fees

Dreaming Of A World Without Ticket Fees

Your favorite source for news on the worldwide controversy surrounding ticket fees – Fee Free Friday – is back! This week the dream of a world without (unreasonable) tickets fees remains unrealized. Will profits from ticket buyer metadata eclipse ticket fees? The owner of a ticket outlet becomes a billionaire, wanna guess how all that…
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no online ticket fees

Ticket Fees - There Has To Be A Better Way!

Fee Free Friday, your source for just how much people hate online ticket fees, is back! This week we find (yet another) investigative report on the ticketing industry. A financial report from an authoritative source on the role tickets fees play in making consumers miserable. And a humorous way to make venue owners empathize with the ticket buyer. Yet Another Investigation…
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Paperless Ticketing Software

Is Paperless Ticketing Software the End of the Ticket as We Know It?

Influential media powerhouse MSN Entertainment says “It’s the end of the ticket as we know it.” But are paperless tickets really that much of a divisive issue? Here’s a quick look at what MSN had to say and some tips on paperless ticketing software. Tickets are big business The MSN Entertainment report starts off with the sentence “tickets are big business” [Correct! :)] and then…
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abandoning the purchase process

Kid Rock Hates Ticket Fees

An angry tirade against ticket fees by a famous entertainer. Round three of the battle between two ticketing industry giants. And millions of frustrated consumers abandoning the ticket purchase process…it must be Fee Free Friday! If you thought Madea hated ticket fees, wait until you hear what Kid Rock has to say! “F*** Ticket Fees!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5d6PQK-Uhs…
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no fee tickets

Ticket Fees: The 10th Circle of Hell

Fee Free Friday, your weekly summary of the controversy surrounding ticket fees, it hot off the press! The Minnesota state senate has voted on a highly charged ticketing bill. Lollapalooza tickets evaporate in minutes and someone is very unhappy about that. And the ticket scalping debate rages on in Houston, Texas. All that and the Divine Tragedy that…
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no ticketing fees

Hate Ticket Fees? You're Not The Only One!

Fee Free Friday has returned chock full of angry consumers, news reports and radio broadcasts about the controversy surrounding ticket fees. This week includes some very bad news for high ticket fee-charging venues in Madison Wisconsin. Even worse news for ticketing software companies in Baltimore Maryland. Plus The Consumerist asks the public which is the…
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Small Business Ticket Sales & Senate House Bill 1353

As a sidebar to our lighthearted #FeeFreeFriday, this post looks at small business ticket sales in a more serious tone. Recent legal developments in the states of Maryland and Florida need to be closely monitored by small and mid-sized venues. The outcomes will impact your ability to make money.

unlimited ticket fees

Did Politicians Just OK Unlimited Ticket Fees?

Did Baltimore politicians just give Ticketmaster the OK to charge unlimited ticket fees while forcing a fifty cent cap on all other venues? Fee Free Friday has the very latest news after the city council committee vote yesterday. Elsewhere, a consumer watchdog has issued a “hidden fee” warning, and the weekly Wall of Woe is so full of…
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