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live stream your event

The Experts Agree: Live Stream Your Event

Back in June, we wrote ‘ Why you should provide a live video stream of your event’ that detailed some examples of events offering live video streams over the Internet. We also listed some of the burgeoning services venues could use and, most importantly of all, how to live stream your event for a profit as…
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thinking small for your event

Thinking small - An alternative strategy for your event

The scope and scale of events can be a difficult thing to gauge. There may not always be a demand precedent to consult. Sometimes “thinking small” is a shrewd tactic, but it is important to know just what that means. We look at an unexpected source for inspiration on “thinking small” about an event of any…
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ticket packages

Why you should offer experience enhancing ticket packages

Why do we blog this? New AEG/LivingSocial bundled ticket packages are recognition of the high value ticket buyers assign to their event experience. Your ThunderTix account contains everything you need to create the same experience enhancing packages.