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Ticket Fees: The 10th Circle of Hell

Fee Free Friday, your weekly summary of the controversy surrounding ticket fees, it hot off the press! The Minnesota state senate has voted on a highly charged ticketing bill. Lollapalooza tickets evaporate in minutes and someone is very unhappy about that. And the ticket scalping debate rages on in Houston, Texas. All that and the Divine Tragedy that…
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ThunderTix Low Ticket Fees

We Are The Robots

Fee Free Friday is back with the TMZ-style news of outrageous ticket fees and services charges. This week, more than one major media outlet has called the ticket sales for Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern museum a “fiasco” and we find out why. We also find some very, very unhappy New York Yankee fans standing on top…
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Racing to Lower Sales: Nascar's Dismal Season

The recession’s effect on entertainment ticket sales is shared across all venues and geographic regions, but nowhere is it felt more than Nascar auto racing. Nascar draws its fans from a largely blue collar and predominantly male work force, the two demographics hit hardest by the recession. Even the celebrated removal of the ban on…
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