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Paperless Ticketing Software

Is Paperless Ticketing Software the End of the Ticket as We Know It?

Influential media powerhouse MSN Entertainment says “It’s the end of the ticket as we know it.” But are paperless tickets really that much of a divisive issue? Here’s a quick look at what MSN had to say and some tips on paperless ticketing software. Tickets are big business The MSN Entertainment report starts off with the sentence “tickets are big business” [Correct! :)] and then…
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ticket fees

Gobsmacked By Ticket Fees

Fee Free Friday, your weekly round-up of ticket fee and event industry news is back! Is it time to ditch face values from being printed on ticket? Are fees hampering the sale of Rolling Stones tickets? Are people really taking out a second mortgages to pay for tickets? You’ve got questions, Fee Free Friday has…
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Scalper Bot

Ticket fees and scalper bots scatter like cockroaches in the light of new legislation

Ticket fees and so-called scalper bots scatter like cockroaches in the light of new legislation. This week we have an update on legislation that is oh so close to becoming law. Plus, we look into rumors of market manipulation of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert tickets. We also find our professional peer group begin to follow our fee…
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