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How to Use Ticket Presales

Sell More, Sooner - How to Use Ticket Presales

Last week, consumer advocate Nedra Rhone published some tips to help consumers get tickets to popular events. Rhone’s list of tips are insider tactics used by the ticketing industry that she encourages the public to try for themselves  Of particular vote to venue owners is the emphasis on how to use presales. Since Rhone is…
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tour management software

How to add bicycles to a walking tour

You may be surprised just how easy it is to expand your current walking tour to include the use of bicycles as a lucrative ticket upsell. Tour guides should consider expanding their service to include bicycles because more cities are building new bike lanes and “bike-only” areas that are away from the roads cars use.…
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festival profitability

Cashing in (and out) - A look at festival profitability

How profitable can a festival be? This edition of ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at two strategies. One festival is cashing in on the lucrative niche it has carved out for itself, the other is cashing out by accepting a buy out offer from a major corporation. Cashing In In the Business Beat section of the Santa Barbara View,…
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