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Theater Ticket Sales Amongst Turmoil

This edition of Green Means Go looks at the sometimes tumultuous day-to-day operations at performing arts theaters. The common thread that runs through these examples of transitional triumvirates and reversals of fortune is a focus on theater ticket sales. Leaderless Labyrinth The Labyrinth Theater Company in New York made a name for itself by delivering ground-breaking, ensemble-driven…
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fiscall cliff and nonprofit theaters

The Fiscal Cliff and Nonprofit Theaters

In the famous final scene of the 1991 film ‘Thelma & Louise’ the heroines are confronted with a do or die decision. The scene may be an apt analogy for the so-called fiscal cliff and nonprofit theaters. Year-end is normally a time of great generosity for charities and nonprofits, but will economic uncertainty put a damper on…
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Non-profit theater performances

Nonprofit Theaters - Any port in a storm will do

For ships at sea, a bad storm can be very dangerous. It is at such times they have to find shelter in any port, even one that they would not normally have entered. For nonprofit theaters, the Scottish proverb “Any port in a storm will do” aptly describes the search for an affordable venue. This edition of ‘Green…
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