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An outsider's opinion of the ticket purchase process

Sometimes it is a good idea to listen to an outsider’s opinion, even if that opinion is a little rude. The full-time job of selling tickets can sometimes cause an insulating bubble to form. That bubble may make one unaware of how others view the event ticket purchase process. After announcing a change to the way…
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live music event ticketing for nonprofits

How The Universal Appeal of Music Helps Nonprofits

How can nonprofits and charities can meet and exceed all their goals? One of the best ways to cause a positive association between donors and the cause is through music. We look at the psychology of giving as spurred on by what the Colorado Nonprofit Association calls “specials events”. Understanding Giving The reputable think tank,…
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Blue October

Rock Concerts: Don't be afraid to bring the kids

The anticipation was palpable as Blue October fans began congregating well in advance of the doors opening. Worries about uncooperative weather earlier in the day faded under a beautiful, central Texas, evening sky. Finding a parking spot was painless, thanks to Whitewater Rock’s ample parking and helpful staff directing me at every turn. My kids…
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