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6 Most Profitable Weeks for Live Music Ticket Sales?

Industry expert Bob Baker says that 20% of all music sales take place in the last six weeks of the year. Is the same period also the most profitable for live music ticket sales?

failed re-launch of Myspace

The failed re-launch of Myspace hurts bands... and venues too

The latest incarnation of a once-mighty social network has left it a pale imitation of its former self. The failed re-launch of MySpace has hurt bands, their fans and, worst of all, music venues. Here’s a quick look at what went wrong and how venues can take control of the situation. My how the mighty have fallen…
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What live music ticket sales can teach MOOCs

Over the past decade the recording industry has learned some hard lessons – first with Napster then with Apple iTunes. Fortunately live music ticket sales have made up for losses in CD sales. The burgeoning industry of massive and open online college courses (MOOCs) would be wise to study what the recording industry has been through. But what if…
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