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Foursquare Features

Two Foursquare Features Tailor-Made for your Venue

A lot has changed since we last wrote about Location-Based Services (LBS). Facebook aquired Gowalla and  no longer consider LBS to be a standalone feature but a pervasive function of its entire platform. Checking-in using Facebook is very popular, with 1.8 million check-ins made everyday, but their LBS does not offer any specifics for purpose-built locations like music concerts…
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Business pages on Facebook

Guide to Facebook Pages: Checkins, Statistics, Deals

By now, I’m sure that as a venue owner, you’ve heard that you should be on Facebook. What does it really mean to be on Facebook, and why is it important? Facebook’s Evolution with Businesses First, a little history on Facebook and its evolution over the last few years. Facebook was initially open only to…
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geolocation entertainment venues

A Perfect Fit: Geolocation Services and Entertainment Venues

I can think of few better businesses than entertainment venues to take advantage of geolocation social services for attracting new or retaining loyal customers. FourSquare and Gowalla are the two most prominent social networks throwing geolocation into the mix and providing benefits for both registered users and venues. These two down-loadable applications for mobile phones…
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