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ticket contest ideas

Ticket Contest Ideas: Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Ticket contest ideas are a proven way to inexpensively market your event and raise awareness. The hot new trend of incorporating social media is being put to excellent use by events like the US Open, but any type of event can get the same value…

Ticket Sales Inspiration

Ticket Sales Inspiration: The "Super Ticket"

In addition to making great ticketing software, we love to bring ticket sales inspiration ideas to your attention. The hot new trend of the so-called movie “Super Ticket” can easily be adapted to your event for all the same reasons the film industry uses them – higher profits.

sports ticketing

How-To Sell Football Tailgate Space At Premium Prices

A often overlooked revenue stream are the tailgate spaces at stadium parking lots. Here’s how a college can augment its ticket revenue and sell football tailgate space at premium pricing.

theater ticketing software

Theater Ticket Sales Amongst Turmoil

This edition of Green Means Go looks at the sometimes tumultuous day-to-day operations at performing arts theaters. The common thread that runs through these examples of transitional triumvirates and reversals of fortune is a focus on theater ticket sales. Leaderless Labyrinth The Labyrinth Theater Company in New York made a name for itself by delivering ground-breaking, ensemble-driven…
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