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ticketing software for unusual venues

Ticketing software for unusual venues - Follow the fashionistas!

If you are thinking about booking a so-called “unusual venue”, to lower costs or increase event awareness, there is a lot you can learn from the fashion industry. Famous for transforming warehouses, banks and even airplane hangars into palaces of posh, the fashion industry makes masterful use of unusual venues frequently. Once you have followed the…
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Festival Tickets

Festival tickets: Lessons learned

Not every festival is a triumph. What is important is that you apply the lessons learned from less than stellar results to future events. This edition of ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at beer festival gate efficiency issues, past and present – something any festival operator can learn from. Plus, some best practices for using barcode…
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Theater Ticketing Software

Two Opinions On How To Improve Theater Patron Fundraising

Previous installments of Green Means Go provided numerous examples of just how important fundraising is. Recently, two respected industry experts published their opinions on how to improve theater patron fundraising. These expert views reinforce much of what ‘Green Means Go’ has shared with hard working theater owners and nonprofits albeit with subtle differences. It is up to…
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mailchimp app

MailChimp Gather - A new tool for venues and events

Have you ever had the need to send a message to all your customers just hours before, or even during, an event? Email lists work well as a one-to-many way of communicating but what if everyone is already at the venue? Not everyone has a modern smartphone that is email capable. MailChimp has a new tool called…
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Increase walking tour ticket sales with WalkScore

Did you know there is an established quality measurement for walking tours? Originally published for the real estate industry, a so-called “walk score” can be used by tour guides in many different ways. Thinking Outside the Box(office) looks at how it could be possible to increase walking tour ticket sales with WalkScore.

ticket pre sales

Ticket Pre-Sales Are Born This Way

With a little pre-planning, creativity and the right ticketing software, any venue can have successful ticket pre-sales just like Lady Gaga. We look at the ticket pre-sales for one stop on Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour and show how any venue or event can use the same methods. Tiered Access Timeline Ticket pre-sales are both…
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thinking small for your event

Thinking small - An alternative strategy for your event

The scope and scale of events can be a difficult thing to gauge. There may not always be a demand precedent to consult. Sometimes “thinking small” is a shrewd tactic, but it is important to know just what that means. We look at an unexpected source for inspiration on “thinking small” about an event of any…
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Cancelled Tickets

How to Prevent Patrons from Using Cancelled Tickets

The story may be a familiar one – a last-minute change to a ticket purchase at the box office. The issue isn’t an error or fraud, merely that the ticket buyer would like to attend a different performance. Of course, your goal is a sale, so you are willing to make the change, it is just a…
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ancillary events

Post-Sellout Ancillary Events

Your event has completely sold out weeks ahead of schedule. All tickets are G-O-N-E gone. So, now what? Sell some more! Even in the best case scenario of an event selling all tickets, the opportunity is there for you to sell even more. Adding new ancillary events that occur nearby is a smart way to…
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