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Guided Tour Management Software

Is This The Future of Guided Tour Management Software?

One of the very first apps for Google Glass is called ‘Field Trip’ and some are calling it the future of guided tours – but is that really true? Here’s a quick look at ‘Field Trip’ and how it relates to the guided tour management software. Guided Tours #ThroughGlass Google’s sometimes controversial new wearable device…
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How-to Market Guided Tours To Baby Boomers

“Lots of free time and disposable income, looking for adventure…” No, that’s not a description of 20-somethings, that is the 50-74 year-old baby boomer demographic. Getting more bookings for your guided tour means knowing how to market to vibrant and tech savvy baby boomers. Here’s how to do it using ThunderTix tour guide management software.…
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