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credit card fraud

New Credit Card Fraud Rules

New Credit Card Fraud Rules and How it Affects You In October, new rules will shift the financial liability for fraudulent credit card transactions from the banks to the merchants unless merchants use the new EMV chip card readers for “card present” transactions. We wanted to shed some light on how this affects our clients.…
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counterfeit tickets

Counterfeit tickets - Caveat venditor

As it relates to the issue of counterfeit tickets, we are all familiar with the Latin phrase Caveat emptor, meaning “Let the buyer beware”. A lesser known axiom, but just as important, is Caveat venditor – Let the seller beware. Why do we blog this? The morning news headlines reinforce the need for eternal vigilance…
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Authorize.net declined transactions put funds on hold

Online merchants could have frustrated customers when Internet gateways authorize declined transactions. Internet gateways perform use something called “address verification service”. If it fails, patrons receive a message saying the transaction was declined.