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motorsport ticketing software

Motorsport Ticketing Software: Indy 500 Festival

The Indianapolis 500 is a classic American motorsport competition known the world over. But did you know there is a huge, month-long festival that occurs at the same time? Here’s how the 500 Festival can be scaled down and made part of your racing event to boost attendance numbers as seen in your motorsport ticketing software. History…
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crowd safety how-to

Lessons Learned from NASCAR: A Crowd Safety How-To

Legal proceedings have begun for fans injured in the horrible crash that happened during the Daytona 500. Even though there were more than adequate safety measures in place at the time of the incident, venue owners should consider the follow-up information a crowd safety how-to. The 2013 Daytona 500 – A crowd safety how-to Since it was front page news nationwide nearly…
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festival profitability

Cashing in (and out) - A look at festival profitability

How profitable can a festival be? This edition of ‘The Business of Fun’ looks at two strategies. One festival is cashing in on the lucrative niche it has carved out for itself, the other is cashing out by accepting a buy out offer from a major corporation. Cashing In In the Business Beat section of the Santa Barbara View,…
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Recent Tragedies Highlight Importance of Crowd Safety

This past Sunday, a man fell 40 feet to his death during the Chicago Bears – Philadelphia Eagles football game. A week earlier, a toddler died after falling 30 feet during a Los Angeles Lakers match. And last week, at a Phnom Pehn water festival, nearly 400 died and several hundred were injured during a…
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