PayPal Ticket Sales

ThunderTix makes setting up online ticket sales quick and simple. To begin accepting online sales, you will need to connect your ThunderTix account with a payment gateway. A payment gateway processes your patron's credit card and deposits that money into your account. ThunderTix integrates with most payment gateways, but if your gateway is not listed on our payment gateways page, ask if we can support yours today. We aim to provide a ticketing service that makes setup prompt as well as straightforward. PayPal ticket sales are easy with ThunderTix.

ThunderTix Integration with Paypal Pro

We integrate with PayPal Pro and other payment gateways to create a seamless checkout experience with customers entering their credit card rather than logging in with PayPal. We do not offer integration with traditional PayPal Business accounts.

PayPal Secured SealThere are no visual references through our service to PayPal or other gateways. However, you may add a secure PayPal gateway seal to the checkout page if desired. This seal will appear on the final checkout page to potentially give customers more confidence in entering their credit card when they see the seal.

Setting up PayPal Pro with ThunderTix

PayPal ProTo get started with PayPal Pro ticket sales, your PayPal account must be a business account and not a personal account. Additionally, you must have a PayPal Pro account in order to accept payments on ThunderTix. If you have a standard PayPal Business account, attempted transactions will be declined, so if you want to continue using PayPal, you’ll need to upgrade your Business account to Pro. PayPal Pro charges $30/month in the US and $35/month in Canada. Alternatively, you can apply for a Braintree payment gateway (which is a PayPal-owned company). Braintree has the same rates as a PayPal Business account but has no monthly fees, setup costs or contracts.

Once you have created your PayPal Payments Pro account, you will need to enable API access on your PayPal Pro account. Then, you'll need to obtain the three API fields (API Username, API Password, and Signature). Follow all the steps outlined in these instructions explaining how to connect your PayPal Pro to your ThunderTix account.

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