Easily de-dupe customer data in your CRM

If your patron, Mary Jones, uses three different email addresses for three different ticket purchases, your CRM may create one account for each entry. Thus, you run the risk of tripling your costs on expensive direct email campaigns, and you miss opportunities to fully understand your customer's buying habits.

For example, on guest lists, we display patron classifications like Donor, Member, Volunteer, etc based on past interactions with an organization. By tying all of Mary Jones' email addresses into a single account, we may classify her as a Platinum Donor allowing you to share your gratitude to her during the check-in process.

Three features make data deduping streamlined:

  1. During checkout, find, auto-suggest, and select existing customers already inside your CRM
  2. Automatic prompts post-checkout to show possible customer duplicates
  3. A dedicated tool -- Possible Duplicates -- that continuously searches for duplicates to merge

Managing duplicate customer records

The Possible Duplicates function in ThunderTix automatically detects potential duplicate customer records and lists them for you to review and combine, if needed. There are several ways to de-dupe customer records.

Possible Duplicates list

From your Patron Database, you can view a full list of all potential duplicate customer records under Possible Duplicates. Records with the same first and last name will be listed in your possible duplicate list.

When possible duplicates are found, we show the number of potential matches and allow you to click to view details using our "Load All Matches" function. All potential customer matches are displayed for each customer in one quick place to review!

Combine any number of customer records to merge into a single record. This is perfect for patrons that have multiple email addresses (one for work, one for personal, etc). ThunderTix records every email address with a new customer record. Once the duplicate records are combined, any subsequent orders with any of their email addresses will be tracked a single patron record.

Merging customers after an order is placed

As orders are placed in the box office, staff will be alerted instantly that a potential duplicate exists once the payment has been processed and the order is completed. Any records matching the customer information entered at checkout will be displayed on-screen for quick merging, allowing the cleanup of patron data while continuing to sell upcoming events.

Merging customers from a patron record

When shuffling through patron records, if you come across a customer that has a matching duplicate record, you can easily merge the records directly from your Patron Database.

Easily select the option to merge customer records, search for the patron's last name and combine the duplicates!

Managing merged records

All order history, donations, and gift certificate purchases will be combined into a single merged record providing a 360-degree view of all interactions that patron has had with your organization (tickets, gift cards, concessions, merchandise, season subscriptions, etc). The patron's Giving Summary will also be updated to reflect the total amount in donations given - making it even easier to manage and reward your patrons for being loyal customers. When the customer places an order, the order history will now be logged on their combined record.

Viewing merged customer records

Patron records that are merged will have all data preserved into a single customer record ensuring you don't lose any important information. If records have been merged previously by accident, easily unmerge the records to revert back to the previous two separate records.

Deduping made easy with ThunderTix

Ensure proper recognition of your VIPs, save money on direct mail, save time with automated duplicate recognition, and start focusing on ticket sales, great shows, and fantastic experiences.

Then when Susan Smith (on 123 Main St.) arrives, show appreciation for the generous donation recorded under Sue Smith (on 123 Main Street). After all, they both deserve it!

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