Customer Reward: Refer A Fellow Venue Owner - Get $100

customer reward

Ever wonder what that little icy blue heart is, inside your ThunderTix account? That is the link to our customer reward program. Refer ThunderTix to one of your fellow venue owners and get $100!

We're In This Together

ThunderTix is riding the roller coaster of event ticket sales right along with you. Choosing us as your ticketing software compels us to reward you for your good taste in software. That's what our customer reward program is all about.

How It Works

ThunderTix UI reward icon

First of all, you must already be one of our beloved customers (If you're not, that's easy to fix! :D)

The person you refer us to must sign-up for a new ThunderTix account and keep it for at least 90 days. Once that happens, we'll give you the customer reward you deserve (more on this below).

Simply sign into your ThunderTix account and click on the blue heart at the top of the page, and the referrals page will open.

Fill out each form field and note the last one, where you can include additional information to help us meet your professional peer's needs. If there is a certain feature or function that you know will be useful, let us know so we can bring it to the attention of your fellow venue owner.

What You Get

ThunderTix-t-shirt-1The fact that you took the time to refer ThunderTix to someone has its rewards.

Choose one free account upgrade (Facebook integration, commission tracking, or location tracking) or you can receive $100 that goes directly to your pocket (not the venue where you work).

On top of the account upgrade or $100, we'll throw in a soft, American Apparel ThunderTix t-shirt in the size you request.

After making your first referral, you can keep making more and we'll keep rewarding you for it. Just click on the red heart inside your account!

Get Your ThunderTix Customer Reward Today!

Want those account upgrades right away without participating in the rewards program? No problem. Contact us and we'll have you up and running with powerful new features in no time.


Image source: Wiki Commons