Custom Programming

Custom Ticketing Software Applications

Custom Programming While ThunderTix offers a wide variety of selling and administration tools for online ticketing to fit the majority of clients at our cost-effective rates, some organizations simply need custom programming and custom-designed applications for their web-based ticketing software.

We can tailor ThunderTix to fit your needs.

Customized ThunderTix Programming Examples:

  • Additional Field Collection at Checkout included in reports like:
    • Tracking where the customer heard about the venue
    • Employer events that track the name of each of the employee's guests and ticket holders
  • Showing the attendee name when the user hovers over the already-reserved space
  • Allowing box office users to accept partial payments with a running open balance report
  • Insert existing customer database for complete customer list
  • Selection of two reservations per ticket purchased
  • Sold-out Display for pre-sold tours/events

In addition, we offer complete custom programming to fit virtually any event. Whether your venue location is a parking lot requiring assigned parking spaces, a convention center or chamber of commerce event with booth reservations, or any other uniquely different entertainment venue, ThunderTix can be custom fit for your needs.

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