Classic Music Festival Ticketing Software – A Field Trip To The Big Apple

Classic Music Festival Ticketing Software - A Field Trip To The Big Apple

classic music festival ticketing software

Sometimes there are very rewarding stories to be told within the world of festival ticketing software. Such is the case with a group of high school students who traveled to New York City to participate in a music festival.

Bright Lights, Big City

In contrast to the consternation over restaurant reservation no-shows and the all-out war surrounding ticket fees, there lies a heartwarming tale of a recent high school field trip to New York City.

The Apponequet Regional High School students traveled from their from Lakeville, Massachusetts to Manhattan to participate in The Big Apple Classic Music Festival. The music festival is part competition, part awards ceremony with healthy dose of sightseeing mixed in just for fun. ARHS students, all classical musicians or singers in the well-known school choir, gathered up numerous awards for their talents.

Herald reporter Jeffrey D. Wagner quoted the band director about ARHS participation in the festival:

These types of music festivals are organized at various locations during the spring...The school simply needed to apply to attend, which became a no-brainer for this musically driven school.

Field trip chaperon Jessica Couto said "the [Lakeville] community are extremely lucky to have such wonderfully talented, well behaved, smart and kind young adults in our community."

The festival was held at the College of Staten Island's Center for the Arts , a venue that plays host to the classical music performances as well big name famous acts.

But not every school has the resources of Staten Island college. Music festivals that operate within the confines of smaller school campuses have unique challenges. Public school districts are already at the mercy of tight budgets to meet educational goals, making "luxury items" like music festivals a hit-or-miss proposition.

Often, schools underwrite the costs of festivals by selling tickets to the public which, in-turn, can lead to another challenge - the stampede of parents. That is, the high demand for seating at school events by the parents of the students performing.

ThunderTix School Music Festival Ticketing Software

ThunderTix can help schools avoid the stampede of parents with easy to use tools for selling ticketing online. With our plan for schools parents and families can buy tickets from their home computer instead of having to make an extra trip to buy them in person. Not only that, but since they bought them in advance using our reserved seating, they won’t have to get to your performance early and wait in line to get a good seat.

Also, school officials get all the power and utility of ThunderTix’s years of experience with rock concerts and outdoor festivals, but at a price that is tailored for school budgets.