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cloud ticketing software

ThunderTix is in the cloud. That means your tickets are available for purchase with high reliability even with expected spikes in demand.

High Scalability - Like an accordion, ThunderTix cloud ticketing software expands and contracts to meet demand.

Cost Savings - Being in the cloud, using a platform as a service (PaaS), means we do not spend money on buying and maintaining our own network of computer hardware. That cost-saving is PaaS-ed along to you!

Always On - The very nature of cloud ticketing software permeates itself into other aspects of our service and is what enables you to sell tickets 24/7 whenever your buyers have the impulse.

When comparing online ticketing software, be sure to check if it is "self-hosted" or "in the cloud" as it is an important distinction. Here's why...

How It Works

Ages ago, back in the 1990s, software was distributed on physical media, like a CD-ROM, which was then installed on your computer. The disadvantage of this old-fashioned method was that each installed version had to be individually updated one at a time. Now with the advent of the Internet and cloud computing, there is no local version of the software. You simply connect to it remotely and you always have the most recent version.

You already enjoy cloud computing with Gmail and Netflix, not to mention the worldwide ATM network, which is the original “in the cloud” computing platform. ThunderTix cloud ticketing software operates on the same principle. Interaction is through the Internet, rather than with your computer’s local hard drive and everything is in real-time.

As explained in the video above, cloud computing is the solution to the problem that happens when a lot of people attempt to connect to a website all at the same time (“high demand”). Back when websites resided on local computers, like inside a venue’s box office, the demand for tickets often exceeded the computer’s ability to process the orders, resulting in slow response time, or worse, no response at all. So rather than having to worry about computer hardware themselves, just about everyone now uses a so-called web host for their website. Your website host service does all the heavy lifting when it comes to buying and maintaining computer hardware - so you don’t have to.

And it isn't just websites that are hosted in the cloud, software applications are too. The ThunderTix computer code does not reside on computers that we have with us in the office - the code is remotely hosted on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) by a company called Heroku.

Reliability That Meets Demand

Why Heroku?

Heroku (now a Salesforce company) has been helping companies like ThunderTix serve up software in the cloud since 2007.

Heroku makes ThunderTix cloud ticketing software an extremely reliable and secure way for you to sell tickets by maintaining all the expensive computer hardware and Internet bandwidth for us. With Heroku as our platform in the cloud, we can focus solely on making great software for our customers.

The Heroku data center is connected to the Internet at the same level as Netflix and Gmail. Making ThunderTix your choice in online ticketing software means your account has the same capability to handle high demand as when 200 million people are connected to Gmail. However, the smart people at Heroku have designed their service to expand and contract based on demand and they charge for their service as such. That is a big cost saving to us and we pass that savings along to you.

When there is a spike in demand for your tickets, the Heroku platform adds more computing power ("automated scaling") ensuring your buyers a smooth purchase process -- even on extremely high traffic events. This is the kind of peace of mind you can expect when you choose ThunderTix for online ticketing.

Win, Win, Win Scenario

Cloud computing helps us serve your needs in a highly reliable and cost-effective way, which helps you do the same for your ticket buyers. Cloud computing also trickles down to your individual sales agents and third-party promoters by letting them sign in to their account from anywhere - a win, win, win scenario.

Since ThunderTix is in the cloud and always on, so too is authorized access to your account by the people you officially designate. You can add users to your ThunderTix "cloud account" as you see fit, be they temporary staff, ticket sales agents, or remote third parties. Cloud computing is what enables other ThunderTix features like embed codes to make your tickets available for purchase on websites other than your own, and it powers our event-restricted user access.

ThunderTix Cloud Ticketing Software

Want to place your brick-and-mortar box office in the cloud and be always on with high availability and confidence? Just contact us and you can harness the power of cloud computing to sell more tickets from your website or any other website on the Internet - and save money too!