Alternative to Brown Paper Tickets

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the revenues of many ticketing companies as it has virtually every industry across the world. For some Brown Paper Tickets clients, their relationships with the ticketing service have soured over unpaid events, and, reportedly, bounced checks and requests to withhold payments. This can occur when venues or promotors use a ticketing platform that processes and collects payments on the client's behalf then makes payments on ticket sales at a future date. For ThunderTix clients, funds are only processed in client bank accounts. Those ticket revenues are delivered nightly to client bank accounts without ever touching ThunderTix. If you are looking for an alternative to Brown Paper Tickets, review the primary differentiators that allow you to process event sales with confidence.

Revenues delivered nightly directly to your bank

ThunderTix never touches any part of your revenue, and all ticket revenue is deposited nightly directly to your bank. This occurs because we allow you to connect your own payment processors such as Stripe, Paypal or directly to your own bank. Brown Paper Tickets reserves the right to make payments for ticket sales after the show or made in installments.

Access to your own private database

We never share your customer data, nor do we market competing events to your patrons. You have full use of all patron data including complete order histories, donations collected and more. Alternatively, Brown Paper Tickets owns all customer data for all purchases including purchases to your events. They can and do market to your clients.

Half the cost

Brown Paper Tickets imposes a 5% transaction fee on the value of your transactions or about twice the fee you would incur using your own payment processor. With your own payment processor, your fees carry an average cost of 2.2-2.7% of the order value plus approximately 30 cents per transaction. In addition, Brown Paper Tickets charges $0.99 per ticket. ThunderTix users enjoy the lowest fees in the industry starting at $0.65 cents per ticket. Further, we allow you to add your own fee and retain 100% of the revenue earned.

Fully branded page design

With Wordpress plugins and cut-and-paste code, your events appear directly within your own website with complementary styling to match your brand and design. When you add an event in your administrative account, it is automatically published to your website. Additionally, you control ticket designs, logos, and branding for any thermal or print-at-home tickets.

Full control and no fees for cancelled events

At this writing, Brown Paper Tickets reports fees of $0.99 for each ticket for cancelled events. Not only do we not charge a fee for cancelled events, we allow you to refund tickets individually or as a batch process with a click. Further, we offer refunds to a gift card, and when you are ready to re-open, those gift cards are ready for automated redemption and balance checking. Customers can even discover gift card balances by submitting an automated request we publish to your site.

Alternative to Brown Paper Tickets

If you are looking for an alternative to Brown Paper Tickets, ThunderTix offers a full-service platform including email integration, promotions and discounts, donations and fundraising, and concessions all backed by exemplary customer service. We have a host of automated features such as post-event surveys, automatic reminders, fully integrated loyalty programs to reward faithful fans, and gift cards with automated redemption and balance checking. With unlimited users, you can set the permissions and responsibilities each member receives to retain complete control over data, price overrides, refunds and more.

ThunderTix has been serving the needs of event businesses for over 15 years. Allow us to be your alternative to Brown Paper Tickets, and sign up for a free trial with no credit card required. Or contact an account manager today!