Receipt Printer -- Mobile Zebra zq110 Setup for Windows

Installing on Windows 7:

  1. Connect the Printer to the computer through Bluetooth.

    a) Open "Add a device" in the Bluetooth menu and select the printer, it will be shown as XXZN15-29-0086.

    b) Look at the serial port assigned, usually it is COM3.

  2. Install the Windows driver.

    a) Download the driver from here.

    b) Install it as this document says in page 7, but choice the port COM assigned to your printer in the step above.

  3. Ensure Windows assigned the right driver to the printer.

    a) Go to "Start" menu, then "Devices and Printers", you should see both XXZN15-29-0086 and Zebra ZQ110 printers.

    b) Right click on Zebra ZQ110 and select "Printer properties". You should see an alert box saying that the printer is not installed on the computer and asking "Do you want to install the driver now?". Click on "Yes" and follow the steps to install the "Zebra ZQ110" driver.

    c) Windows will show this alert "A Bluetooth device is trying to connect", click on it and enter the code 0000.

  4. Print test page.

    a) Click on "Print test page", the printer should work.

  5. Details.

    a) The printer has some margin, it is better to get rid that margin at the moment to print from the browser.

Installing on Windows 8:

Windows 8 computer setup here