Promote Your Events

Topics Covered:

[0:10] - Locating the promote tab
[0:18] - Tweeting about your event
[0:54] - What is Eventful
[1:13] - Joining Eventful and authorizing ThunderTix
[1:53] - Venue publishing on Eventful
[2:05] - Event publishing on Eventful
[2:26] - How your venue appears on Eventful

Promote Your Events Video Transcription:

Today's ThunderTix tutorial covers important event promotion features to help introduce new patrons to your events via our Promote and Tweet features. Let's start by selecting one of your existing events and clicking on the Promote tab. Then look over here on the right side of the screen. This is where the tweeting and publishing functions are located. Let's start with the tweeting function.

The easiest way to promote about your upcoming event is to share it out to your followers simply by clicking this Tweet button. Make sure that you are logged into your desired Twitter account on your computer. Clicking this button automatically generates a tweet that reads something like, "tickets will be going on sale" or "tickets are now on sale", depending on whether the event is available for purchase yet. Don't forget that you can always edit this Tweet before you post it to your followers to personalize it or to add additional information. This is a very handy feature if you want to quickly advertise your event on twitter, and you can tweet out to your followers as often as you'd like directly from ThunderTix.

Now, the other useful promotional tool is the ability to publish your event to the social media platform, Eventful. Eventful is an online database used by other services to showcase events in your area so promoting your event on Eventful can help increase the event's visibility to a larger audience over many different search engines, and regional apps and websites.

Notice that it is located right under that Twitter button we just used. Let's go ahead and click Authorize on Eventful. This takes us straight to Eventful's website where you can either sign in with your existing account or, if you don't have an account, go ahead and create one!

Clicking this takes us here, where we can enter our account information. Enter your email address, a public username, a private password, your zip code, your year of birth for age verification purposes, as well as your birth date. Enter in your randomized security code and then look here. Read through and agree to Eventful's terms of use, then click continue! When your account is complete, click Authorize to connect your new Eventful account to ThunderTix, and look for the confirmation indicating your are ready to promote your events on Eventful.

Confirm your venue's address then click "Publish venue on Eventful". Again, look for the confirmation that your venue was added successfully. You are now ready to promote any of your upcoming events on Eventful right here from your ThunderTix account!

Once you've published your venue, you can now publish your first event to Eventful. Scroll down the page to review your event information. Then, we'll click this button to "Publish Event to Eventful". Once complete, you'll see a message that your event was successfully added to Eventful. Now, in place of the button that was there before, you'll see new options to Update the Event on Eventful, View the event, or to Withdraw it, if necessary.

Before we wrap up, let's look at how your venue might appear on Eventful by looking at a sample venue. Notice that the venue address you entered will create a map to your event's location. You can now edit and customize this further with images to fully personalize your venue information. In this example, all of the upcoming events are listed.

All right, you have successfully learned how to promote your events. Keep updating and customizing your events on Eventful and don't forget to tweet about your upcoming events as well! If you have any more questions, be sure to take a look at our other tutorial videos and how-to guides. Thanks for watching and we hope this has helped.

Promoting Your Event Tutorial Video
Promoting Your Event Tutorial Video

This is a tutorial video that explains how to promote your event on Twitter and Eventful through ThunderTix. If you have any more questions, please check our support forum or How-To guides.