Creative Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales

Creative Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales

Looking for Ideas to Increase Ticket Sales?

A few years ago I attended a BoDeans concert at Threadgills in 105 degree heat at 9:00 at night. It was stiflingly hot, and I imagined that if I'd known the weather in advance, I might not have bought the tickets. Weather is one prominent factor affecting event attendance for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Understanding the factors that impact how you sell tickets online is vitally important to a successful event. There are many ideas to increase ticket sales. An organization that effectively analyzed its own ticket sales data, the Cleveland Indians honed in on some impressive statistics about the effects of some situations on event attendance:

  • Fireworks after a game draw an additional 4,000 fans.
  • Every one-degree temperature drop below 70 Fahrenheit costs 300 seats.
  • When the New York Yankees come to town, attendance jumps 11,000.

What factors affect the success of your shows? How do you measure results? If you haven't yet experimented with ideas that influence attendance, try to come up with a list based on your venue type (theater, music, sports), demographics (age, income and education level), and time of year. To get you started, we've compiled our own list of sales impacting factors:

Tout Great Weather
While you may have no control over the weather, you can take advantage of a great forecast to pump up sales. If beautiful weather for your outdoor venue is expected, consider posting the forecast. Throw in an invitation to bring blankets or picnic baskets to drive home the point.

Follow Fast Food's Lead
McDonalds and other fast food chains have had remarkable success using promotional tie-ins like toys from blockbuster movies. What kind of tie-in can you offer? It can be as simple as an accompanying discount coupon on your print-at-home ticket or a free child's meal with paying adult.

Include a Speaker
Dramatic productions tend to have an older, more educated customer base. If you can find engaging speakers who bring a unique point of view or offer additional insight into your play, invite them for a pre- or post- show discussion. Often speakers will be honored to appear at no charge or at the cost of a complimentary pair of tickets.

Add Elegance
For the older, more educated demographic, consider a pre-show wine and cheese party. Some local vintners or wine sellers will provide reasonably priced samples if you carry their selections for public sale on show night. It helps them to market their wines, and you add a bit of elegance to your event.

Look at School Calendars
Knowing local school calendars can help you avoid conflicts with school events and find opportunities by syncing with vacation times or holiday weekends. Use college calendars to learn about campus events that may help or hinder ticket sales, and knowing the dates of final exams will allow you to schedule around a time when many students are reluctant to attend events.

Add Attractions
Many outdoor venues welcome children even though shows are aimed at adults. If you have the room, consider adding inflatable attractions, and make sure you get the word out that kids can expend energy while parents enjoy the event.

Keep an Eye on the Clock
For family events, daytime hours will work best. For venues that welcome children or shows that reach retirees, consider show times at 7:00 versus 8:00 or 9:00. College crowds often head out later, and you can safely begin shows at 9:00 or 10:00 pm.

Have Low Ticket Fees

ThunderTix allows you to sell tickets online with no fees, but gives you the control to you are free to add shipping fees, service fees or processing fees to any ticket or order and retain 100% of the revenue collected.

Try to measure success by comparing results across similar shows with and without your applied promotions. With creativity, you can affect online ticket sales by applying your ideas until you find a winning combination.