White Label Ticketing

While all ThunderTix accounts are created as a seamlessly embedded solution within your website, some venues or ticket sellers require a private label solution for their online box offices.

Configuration and Display

If you wish to process ticket purchases as a completely white labeled account, we offer an an optional upgrade.  White label accounts remove all public displays of ThunderTix from both your website, the buyer's print-at-home tickets and the emailed receipt of purchase. White label ticketing also extends to your optionally integrated Facebook page where ticket purchases are completed within the Facebook format.  There will be no logos or references to ThunderTix on any part of the public purchase process.

As an administrator, you will login to an administrative portal of ThunderTix that does include the logo and ThunderTix references throughout all steps.  This is also the case for any users you create within your account that will help administer events and bookkeeping.  In addition, any volunteers or staff that will be scanning in tickets using the iOS or Android Apps will also see ThunderTix throughout the process.

In summary, the white label configuration only applies to customers purchasing tickets -- not staff or users you create to help administer your account.


White labeling an account removes all public references to ThunderTix during the checkout and later. For us, this is how people and potentially, other businesses find out about ThunderTix.

The monthly plan in use is directly related to the volume of tickets sold and thus traffic to your event listing. The higher the plan and tickets sold, the greater the lost opportunity for us in visibility and advertising. The cost is a $799 annual fee plus up to 25% of the monthly service based on volume.