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Sandy Relief Concert tickets

Ticket Fees - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

“This is why we can’t have nice things!” – that’s what every parent says when something nice gets ruined. This week’s Fee Free Friday leads off with news that people are reselling tickets to the Sandy Relief Concert for up to $60,000 each, ruining the altruistic intent. Ghastly profiteering on a charity event is just…
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end of ticket fees

End of ticket fees? Miami Dolphins fee free ticket offer

Momentous news! #FeeFreeFriday is back with all the latest TMZ-style staccato of news on the end of ticket fees. This week we almost can’t believe our eyes as the homepage of the NFL’ Miami Dolphins touts they are not charging service fees on game tickets. Our morbid curiosity with scalping continues with a look at a new wrinkle that Mumford…
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high ticket fees

A Tale of Two Cities' Ticket Fees

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Fee Free Friday, the TMZ of ticket fees, is back with a tale of two cities. In Nashville, Tennessee all hell is breaking loose with two simultaneous scandals, one for Lady Gaga tickets, the other for Eric Church tickets. In Minneapolis, Minnesota high…
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battle over online ticket fees

Battle Royale Over Ticket Fees

A battle royale between the two monsters of the ticketing industry. Winner takes all…the ticket fees. Fee Free Friday is back as the referee for a battle of the ages between Ticketmaster and AEG. And on the under-card we have wrestling fans vs. tickets fees. Also, Maroon 5 fans are desperately seeking Susan reasonable ticket fees and…
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Scalper Bot

Ticket fees and scalper bots scatter like cockroaches in the light of new legislation

Ticket fees and so-called scalper bots scatter like cockroaches in the light of new legislation. This week we have an update on legislation that is oh so close to becoming law. Plus, we look into rumors of market manipulation of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert tickets. We also find our professional peer group begin to follow our fee…
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no ticket fees

Hear no, see no, speak no ...ticket fees

Ticket fees that equal 67% of the purchase? Has K-pop turned to chaos because of outrageous face-value mark-up? Fee Free Friday is back with those stories and more tales of ticket buyer misery. It seems the ticket industry just wants to pretend they see no evil, hear no, and, when pressed on the issue of  the subject of unreasonable…
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up-front ticket fees

Hell Freezes Over

191.3% of the purchase price are ticket fees? That would make anyone curse under their breath. How about a $17,000.00 fee for the “right to purchase a ticket”? Think that made someone swear? What four letter word would you say after paying a fee for “being allowed” to print your ticket at home? Read on…
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Madea Hates Ticket Fees

Tyler Perry has just had it with ticket fees. So much so he has cancelled all future ‘Madea Live’ performances because of unreasonable ticket fees. We look at the fall-out for fans and the lost revenue for venues in this week’s Fee Free Friday. Plus Salt Lake city says ticket fees are a good thing (huh?)…
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Ticket Service Fees

No Good Fee Goes Unpunished

The ticket service fees are 91% of the purchase price?! And that’s not the worst of it. This week Fee Free Friday walks the gritty streets of Los Angeles and Toronto to find all new ticket service fees horror stories. Also, the legal rhetoric against the ticket industry goes up another notch and a first…
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no ticket fee software

Fee Free Friday - WHO FEE DAT?

$327.50 per ticket fee?!?! Is that a typo or a demand pricing algorithm error? Good grief it better be. If it isn’t, we have a new Fee Free Friday  record ( and that’s a bad thing ). Also this week is a new Justin Bieber induced metric for measuring ticket fee misery and we check-in…
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