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Back to school - Back to ticket fees

Will outrageous ticket fees and ticket service charges put a damper on the exuberance of youth as they return to school? Why would happy-go-lucky 20-something write a solemn tale about going to a concert? Hint: Fees. And just what the heck is a $81.00 “facility charge”? Questions like these must mean it’s time for another…
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Football Game Ticket Fees

Are you ready for some football...fees?

That’s right, football is back! But the preseason isn’t all tailgating and touchdowns, it also includes outrageously high football ticket fees. We run through the red zone of the worst ones. Also this week, a $97.20 ticket fee is described as “other expenses”, a family pays a $82.00 “service fee” and all new entries on…
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