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Fee Free Friday - Dads and Grads Rejoice

Dads and grads rejoice! This week’s Fee Free Friday is a staccato of battles won, save for one especially egregious loss. So throw your tasseled mortarboard in the air as we chronicle the very latest developments in the war on unreasonable per ticket fees and outrageous face value markups!

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Fee Free Friday - Humans vs The Bots Edition

The ever increasing consumer pain point of so-called “scalper bots” tops this week’s Fee Free Friday. If that term is new to you, scalper bot are malicious computer programs ( aka “robots” or simply “bots” ) that scalpers use to automate the task of buying tickets online. Using hundreds of thousands of these bots simultaneously,…
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Fee Free Friday - We The People Edition

Top heavy with legal wrangling and legislation, this week’s Fee Free Friday docket includes: Senators debate giving up their free concert ticket perk, expose leads to calls for an investigation, and $107.84 concert ticketing fee(!) Elected officials hard at work The California state senate debated if they should give up the millions of dollars worth…
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Fee Free Friday - Start of Summer Edition

Memorial Day is the traditional start of Summer. That means the Summer concert season is just around the corner and so are unreasonably high ticket fees and service charges. This week Fee Free Friday shouts “Get out of water!” to a crowded beach full of hapless ticket buyers. Deafening silence The Fan Freedom project tweeted…
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Fee Free Friday - Mommie Dearest Edition

Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in the film classic ‘Mommie Dearest’ (1981) Mother’s Day is this Sunday so #FeeFreeFriday goes all “Tina bring me the axe!” Mommie Dearest on unreasonable per ticket fees and services charges. Today, we find three more topics of interest. Live Nation made $868 million in the past 90 days, and…
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Fee Free Friday - May Day Edition

It’s Fee Free Friday! This week’s rancor includes a look at how dynamic pricing algorithms may be hiding tickets fees, an example of 150% per ticket service fee(!), and a fee-free victory in Kansas City, Missouri. Baseball’s new dynamic pricing algorithms Earlier in the week Ticket News wrote how Major League Baseball teams are using…
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