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OMG hashtags IRL - Part 2

In our earlier post we showed you examples of hashtags in real life. Now in part 2, we go more in-depth with a “how-to”, “when-to” and, most importantly of all, why unique hashtags raise event awareness. Why do we blog this? Our experience shows that there is a direct correlation between event awareness and ticket…
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OMG hashtags IRL - Part 1

Why do we blog this? There is a direct correlation between event awareness and ticket sales. We know you are making every effort to wrangle the direct channels that you have control of, but there is a vast resource that may be going underutilized – hashtags. Hashtags exist outside the constraints of any one given…
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Foursquare Features

Two Foursquare Features Tailor-Made for your Venue

A lot has changed since we last wrote about Location-Based Services (LBS). Facebook aquired Gowalla and  no longer consider LBS to be a standalone feature but a pervasive function of its entire platform. Checking-in using Facebook is very popular, with 1.8 million check-ins made everyday, but their LBS does not offer any specifics for purpose-built locations like music concerts…
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shared experience

Cultivating a shared experience - A “slightly stoopid” example

This week was the highly anticipated return of Glee on FOX. Millions of fans watched and even if you are not a fan yourself, the show’s huge viewership must be acknowledged. Of course Glee’s popularity comes from excellent writing, acting and production values as well as the FOX Broadcasting Company’s marketing prowess, but there is…
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