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butthole surfers

Butthole Surfers at Austin's Scoot Inn

The Scoot Inn has been a local Austin watering hole since 1871 and lays claim as one of the oldest bars in the state of Texas. Initially opened as a railroad saloon for travelers to stop in on their journey, the Scoot Inn became a local favorite of East Side workers. Today, Scoot is owned…
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Toronto Film Festival Ticketing Software Problems

Death by Tweet: Toronto Film Festival

Today, I saw a flurry of activity on Twitter by consumers trying to buy tickets for the 2010 Toronto Independent Film Festival, TIFF.  The unifying theme of the tweets was the frustration surrounding the ticket buying process, #tiff #fail.  Which ticketing software were they using, I asked myself? Obviously, my curiosity was piqued. I went…
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falling ticket sales

On Ticketing: Summer of Flat Sales

In a dubious record breaker, 2010 will mark the year of falling ticket sales. High profile acts like the Christina Aguilera, Eagles, Lilith Fair, and even the engaging American Idols have canceled entire tours or tour dates. What’s going on? One obvious problem is the economy. From housing to retail, the economy has wreaked havoc…
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