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core values

Do Your Core Values Resonate with Clients?

ThunderTix ticketing software, interface, no fee ticketing, and customer support resonated with a new client.

Prevent Ticket Cancellations

Frontera Fest 2011: Best of the Best Short Fringe

Austin’s Frontera Fest 2011 celebrates 18 years of regaling, moving, and thrilling audiences with original and amazing performances by both local and nationally known artists. The five week production ends this week with the best of the best of their Long Fringes, complete performances of approximately 90 minutes, and Short Fringes, a selection of five…
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Performing arts marketing

Ballet's Resurgence Through Social Media

With the success of the movie, The Black Swan, audiences are getting a glimpse at some of the hard truths about dance, and dancers–albeit disappointed about the depiction of the darker side of their art–are rejoicing that their profession has finally received some prime time play. This brings to mind the challenges that many art…
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Understanding the 5 Types of Event Ticketing Platforms

Nothing indicates the success of a gig, play, tour or event than the sale of tickets to those events. When choosing from event ticketing platforms, it’s important to examine the method of the event ticketing platform. Your choice will impact when and how your revenue is collected, how tickets are delivered, and ultimately, the price…
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Box Office Ticketing Sign

It's Time: 10 Reasons to Finally Open That Online Box Office

Online ticketing provides customer convenience, opportunities for increases sales, and significant savings over hard ticket costs and administrative expenses.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Venue's Reach on Social Platforms

When Microsoft launched its ad campaign for its new search engine, Bing, it hired New York City dog walkers to wear shirts emblazoned with the phrase “Ask me about Bing”. While dog-walkers may not be the best billboards for advertising in your city, social networking websites are great advertisers in any city. Here are some…
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Snowy Winter Driving Conditions

When Winter Weather Derails Your Event

Winter weather may pose dangerous driving and travel conditions that require you to cancel an event for safety reasons. Make sure your patrons know how tickets will be handled in the event of cancellation.

Steel Recycling Bales

10 Ways to Create Eco-Friendly Venues

From recycling to installing bike racks to choosing local produce and products, your venue can promote the causes of sustainable planet with little effort and smart choices. Earn community accolades and fan praise.

Will new music sites that cater to bands topple MySpace?

New music sites like thesixtyone, bandcamp, and soundcloud are fully prepared to make Myspace a relic of the past with their great user experiences.

Paperless Ticketing - How it works and what it means for your venue

Paperless ticketing offers benefits only to the largest venues with a history of sell out crowds and ticket scalping. Small venues should avoid paperless ticketing to keep ticket prices lower.