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Small Business Ticket Sales & Senate House Bill 1353

As a sidebar to our lighthearted #FeeFreeFriday, this post looks at small business ticket sales in a more serious tone. Recent legal developments in the states of Maryland and Florida need to be closely monitored by small and mid-sized venues. The outcomes will impact your ability to make money.

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Ticket Fees are Double Plus Ungood

Your weekly digest of the worldwide ticket fees controversy has returned! This week’s Fee Free Friday thought-crimes include ambiguous results after a reduction in ticket fees at a theater in St. Petersburg, Florida (victory or defeat?). There is also a disturbing development in Iowa City that sounds like it is straight out of George Orwell’s famous book ‘1984’. Plus, the Final Four Ticket…
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The writing is on the wall for ticket fees

Behold! Fee Free Friday has returned with all new tales of the controversy surrounding event ticket fees. This week, a hapless ticket buyer asks CBS reporter Kurtis Ming “How’d I pay $40 above face value for tickets?” There is also news of “great unification” and “transference” sending shock waves through the ticketing industry. Plus the weekly Wall of Woe has…
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Concert Ticket Fees

Loose Lips Sink Ticket Fees

Investigative reporting by the NBC affiliate in Connecticut has exposed the secret of why concert tickets sell out in seconds. The “loose talk” has also torpedoed the outrageous face value mark-ups and ticket fees added by unauthorized third-party re-sellers. Fee Free Friday has all the details on the secrets being exposed, plus there is news that ticket fees are now doubling the price of…
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Ticket Fees in Maryland Nevermore

Are ticket fees in Maryland nevermore? The high court of appeals in Annapolis, Maryland has ruled on a landmark case. The ruling does not bode well for venues and events charging per-ticket fees. More importantly, the ruling may result in court ordered refunds to be issued to ticket buyers. Fee Free Friday has the very latest information.…
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Waive Ticket Fees Goodbye

“Nah, nah, hey, hey, goodbye…” is the verse you’ll be singing after reading this week’s Fee Free Friday. Why? Because earlier this week the NHL waived all ticket fees on home games! Such a positive development is immediately offset by a “personal seat license” fee being a final insult to injury for Dallas Cowboy fans. Plus, Fee…
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Friday, January 4, 2013 9:09 AM The London Olympic stadium is making the switch to be a concert venue. Note that LiveNation has lost the contract as the ticketing vendor to AEG. Interesting. Olympic Stadium to re-open as concert venue By Caroline Westbrook The Olympic Stadium in Stratford is reportedly set to re-open in July…
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Sporting Event Ticket Software

Borrowing The Best Practices Of Big League Sports Ticketing Software

The multi-billion dollar sports ticketing industry offers lessons to learn for anyone tasked with organizing a local event. Community softball, little league or the neighborhood lawn mower race are not too small to borrow from the best practices of big league sports ticketing software.. We look at the very latest in ticket sales by professional and college sports and how…
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ThunderTix Low Ticket Fees

We Are The Robots

Fee Free Friday is back with the TMZ-style news of outrageous ticket fees and services charges. This week, more than one major media outlet has called the ticket sales for Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern museum a “fiasco” and we find out why. We also find some very, very unhappy New York Yankee fans standing on top…
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End of ticket fees? Miami Dolphins fee free ticket offer

Momentous news! #FeeFreeFriday is back with all the latest TMZ-style staccato of news on the end of ticket fees. This week we almost can’t believe our eyes as the homepage of the NFL’ Miami Dolphins touts they are not charging service fees on game tickets. Our morbid curiosity with scalping continues with a look at a new wrinkle that Mumford…
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