Amazing Festival Infographic – Festival Ticketing Software

Amazing Festival Infographic - Festival Ticketing Software

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Within the confines of the event industry, it may go without saying that festivals are big business. But what about outside of the event industry? An amazing festival infographic from an unexpected source hints at just how big The Business of Fun has become - is your festival ticketing software ready?

The Ultimate Festival Infographic

As defined by Wikipedia an infographic is a "graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly."

So, given the scope and scale, "quickly and clearly" illustrating the business festivals generate is no mean feat. Yet one was recently published that does exactly that.

Originally brought to widespread attention by Business 2 Community, the infographic captures the upcoming music festivals planned for the UK and Ireland this summer.  Business 2 Community are experts in marketing, and as such, infographics (as a medium) are part and parcel of their on-going 'best practices' blog posts, as one would expect. A closer look at the infographic's original source, however, is anything but expected.

The "Ultimate Festival Guide" was originally published by Calor Gas a large corporation that produces liquefied petroleum gas on an industrial scale.

Odd? Not necessarily.

Outdoor festivals almost always include camping and cooking, and cooking  at campsites makes use of small propane powered stoves. Part of Cantor's business model, in addition to huge industrial projects, is supplying propane for camping stoves.

Some statistical highlights of the inforgraphic include over 2,000,000 tickets projected to be sold and tips for festival-goers on what to bring. Also note that the infographic is divided into large and small festivals with "small" being ~35,000 people.

The full infographic is below. As you read through it, keep in mind that it is "merely" for the UK and Ireland festivals and doesn't include Canada and the United States!

Ultimate festival guide

The Ultimate Festival Ticketing Software

If The Business of Fun (i.e. festivals) operates on a such a large scale that a product from a gas-petroleum corporation is just an ancillary aspect, imagine how important your choice in ticketing software is!

The ThunderTix plan for festivals operates at an "industrial scale" to accommodate your ticketing needs. Want proof? Our technology powers two of the largest festivals in Canada, the Festival du Voyageur and the Small World Music Festival. Both events have very large scale ticketing and gate security requirements and both events choose ThunderTix.

As the infographic above shows, festivals are one of the most popular types of events. That popularity means large crowds at vast temporary locations with many entrance gates – a genuine challenge to manage! Our technology lowers your costs by making ticket sales and gate management more efficient.

Need festival ticketing software for your large festival? Please contact us at your convenience.