Selling Tickets Online

ThunderTix event management software builds upon the event expertise you already have using industry language you're familiar with. It is easy to sell tickets online with ThunderTix. There are just a few simple things you need to get started. Before you know it, you’ll be selling tickets online, over the phone, and in person!

Steps to start selling tickets online

Choose a payment gateway

You may already have a "brick and mortar" merchant account for accepting credit cards in-person with a swipe machine, but you'll need a different type to sell tickets online. The easiest way to get started is to sign up for Stripe account. It's often ready to use within 24 hours and there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or contracts. The icing on the cake is Stripe offers a stellar non-profit discount. Just email proof of non-profit status with documentation to earn the discount.

Here's a list of the payment gateways to choose from. Select any of the payment gateways available, especially if you already have a relationship with a merchant processor. Having your own gateway offers several benefits, primarily that all ticket proceeds are directly deposited to your preferred checking account each night. In addition, your patrons will see your company name on their bank statement reducing confusion and potential disputes (chargebacks).

Sign up for a trial and create your event

When you sign up for free trial, you'll create your first event in minutes. Just add the event name, event date(s), ticket prices, and when tickets go on sale. We've designed the task of event creation to be in a linear progression with required information first, then some optional event details after that. If you are in a hurry, you can establish a new event and start selling tickets online with just a few clicks. Add event images to create a slideshow, add advertising for event sponsors on the electronic ticket, include customizable text for the email receipt - all as you find the time.

Go fee-free, break-even or increase revenue

We give you complete control over how you price tickets. Unlike other ticketing software, we never charge your customers' per-ticket fees. High ticket fees are a hot-button issue with consumers. However, consumers are willing to pay a reasonable fee for the convenience of at-home purchasing. More importantly, since ThunderTix does not charge fees, any fees you add over the base ticket cost are yours. Revenue from tickets will be broken out and separated from fee revenue in event sales and settlement reports.

Let's add some perspective. On either the General Admission or Reserved Seating plans, you'll break even if you charge nominal $1 fee per ticket over the course of a year. The fee revenue alone pays for ThunderTix in full, effectively making it free to use. Check out the ticket sales calculator to see just how much money you can save (or make) with our no fee policy.

The choice is yours! Choose to go fee-free and thrill your patrons. Add ticket fees to cover your expenses and credit card processing to break even, making ThunderTix free to you. Or create an entirely new revenue stream from added ticket fees that your customers may already be used to paying, increasing your bottom line.

Embed or link your events to your website

After creating your event and setting the ticket prices, you're in the home stretch! Embed event tickets sales as part of your website with varying degrees of integration. For example, for the simplest option, add "Buy Tickets" links on your website to take buyers directly to the purchase process of each event. Create a "Calendar" page on your website as an alternative integration to seamlessly embed your full event calendar with all of your upcoming events in a color-coded calendar display.

If you have a web developer, just create a user login with limited permissions to your account so they can obtain the embed codes on your website. For a truly branded experience, they can match the colors, fonts, and styles from your website by adding custom CSS. However, you go about presenting tickets to your customers on your website, know that they will all have the same reassuring experience during the purchase process -- even on mobile devices. Every ticket sold will be included in event settlement reports available in real-time as sales are made.

Selling tickets online

Every ThunderTix subscription comes with a "subdomain", or a web address, used for your complete event listing. All events are updated as live feed as new events are added and events expire.

In addition, sell tickets online by embedding your events on third-party sites using the provided embed codes. Selling tickets online through partner websites is just as safe and secure as when you sell tickets on your own website. More places people can buy tickets = more ticket sales!

Outstanding Customer Support When You Need It

We know that making the jump to selling tickets online can be a big step. Our customer support is there to help you make the transition to selling tickets online for the first time or transitioning from a different ticketing platform for an improved box office experience. Increased efficiency from staff and volunteers means increased time to spend on the business.

Enjoy higher profits from more butts in seats! And finally, cut expenses by transitioning from another higher-cost platform to ThunderTix without losing any functionality. Most importantly, you'll see how easy ThunderTix is to use...ranked in the Top 20 User-Friendly event management platforms and in the Top 20 most affordable. It is easy to start selling tickets online today with ThunderTix!