Loyalty rewards program for events

Integrated Loyalty Rewards Program Our fully integrated loyalty rewards program for events provides benefits for both your organization and your patrons. Customers feel recognized and rewarded for their support of your organization through purchases made or donations given. The loyalty program automates reward delivery, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

We'll send gift cards, coupons or even a special note to your most loyal customers as they reach award levels. Since gift cards are also automated with redemption and balance tracking, you will save time on manual oversight of your rewards.

About the loyalty program

Our built-in loyalty program offers several options for loyal customers. First, you'll define the threshold a customer must reach to be eligible for a reward. The threshold you set can be based on tickets purchased, orders made or dollars spent at your events.

Next, determine the actual reward. We offer three options. For each new reward your customer earns, you have the option to send an online coupon for a future event, a gift card redeemable for a pre-determined value good on any ticket or merchandise or a simple email to say thanks.

Everything is automated! Your loyalty program will automatically generate a unique coupon or gift card code. Then, your customer receives an email branded with your logo and colors that you customized with your own wording. Set the loyalty to work so you can focus on other tasks rather than pulling manual reports on customer purchases.

Reporting for loyalty rewards

As customers redeem rewards, we'll track your results. Our reporting shows the full value of orders paid and the rewards given for a full accounting of the loyalty program. Your private customer database shows each customer cross linked to give you a 360 degree view of your customer purchasing history.

As soon as you activate your reward, the integrated loyalty program is ready! From that moment, new customers start earning their way to rewards, and existing existing customers will receive rewards when their past orders reach the specified threshold.

Finally, you can enjoy the benefits of a truly integrated loyalty rewards program for your event organization. Set up your rewards program today so your most loyal customers know you value their business!