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Beyond the Front Door: Creating the Perfect Profile

The attention span of an online user is 5 seconds, so taking to heart the old adage about first impressions is important. Social networking is the perfect vehicle to increase attendance to your venue or event, but without followers, you have no network. Building an inviting profile opens the door to sharing special events, 2-for-1…
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nonprofit causes

Facebook Causes - Tools to Reach Your Community

By now you’ve realized the enormous impact Social Networking Media has on our daily lives. The way in which we communicate with other people has evolved from simple face-to-face communication to a vast multimedia-rich network that connects and brings people together like never before. In order for nonprofit organizations to succeed in a down economy,…
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ThunderTix - No Fee Ticket Movement T-shirt

Referral Program Rewards - Refer Us To Your Favorite Venue!

Sign up for the ThunderTix Referral Program. Refer your favorite venues to ThunderTix, and we will pay you for each new client who signs up for our service — once you’ve reached three organizations. Who Can You Refer? Performing arts organizations Live music venues Guided tours Festivals and any organization requiring event ticketing Why ThunderTix? Most ticketing…
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Oh, what to tweet about on Twitter!

In February, Twitter eclipsed the 50 million tweets-per-day-mark or a mind-numbing 600 tweets per second. Facebook’s even higher at 700 posts per second. For those on the receiving end, that’s a lot of network noise to filter through to find value. On the flip side, the job of reaching folks is even harder when you…
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Responding to Public Praise or Criticism

Recently, I received a request from the Small Business Administration to evaluate service I received from over two years ago! What an embarrassingly long time to pass before demonstrating they cared about the service I received. Yet many venues do precisely that when they build Facebook landing pages then neglect the pages and feedback provided…
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Don't expect to sleep at The Drowsy Chaperone

“I’m too drowsy for The Chaperone”, I quipped. It was Friday night at the end of a long week, and I feared falling asleep during the production of The Drowsy Chaperone at Zach Theatre. As medicine for sleepiness, this fabulous musical couldn’t be beat; I was on the edge of my seat. This show centers…
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performing arts fundraising

My Lucky Ticket: Winning Becky's New Car

Last weekend, when I arrived at Zach Scott Theater, I saw a beautiful white 2-seater Mercedes coupe on display right in front of the entrance and presented with a big red bow. How fitting an image as patrons arrived to see “Becky’s New Car”– a delightful play about a middle age woman navigating the waters…
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Old-Fashioned FUNdraising

Fundraising provides much needed capital for small, community theaters to meet financial obligations and produce quality productions. Yet with our economy persistently bumbling along, charitable giving is at an all time low. With the glitz and glam of high profile events (and the cost of associated attendance) waning, how do you raise money in challenging…
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Creative Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales

Applying new ideas or promotions to events can have dramatic effects on ticket sales. Try one of these 7 ideas and measure the results.

Create Advertising Revenue with Print-at-Home Tickets

Print-at-Home tickets are becoming a popular option for ticket buyers looking for a fast and inexpensive way to receive their tickets. Venues save time and money by eliminating the time required to mail ticket orders, the cost of purchasing ticket stock and specialized thermal printers, and the need to staff a will-call check-in area. Print-at-home…
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